Monday, March 4, 2013

Send a message to your cable provider: #IwantTheBlazeBECAUSE.

“Trending, indeed! Glenn Beck is harnessing the power of Twitter in order to provide media truth to power. Twitter users, including weather forecaster Joe Bastardi, are using the hash tag #IWantTheBlazeBecause to call for their cable providers to carry TheBlaze network.”

To see the latest on bringing TheBlaze to cable, check out CAMPAIGN WEEK ONE OF GET THEBLAZE UPDATES (excerpt below):
“…And the media is paying attention too.  Here are links to some great articles written last week about our Get TheBlaze campaign and its progress:
Only a few of them have reached out to us to continue carriage discussions. The good news is that Comcast, DIRECTV and Time Warner Cable/Brighthouse have expressed interest in having further conversations about TheBlaze in the coming weeks; and a number of smaller cable and Telco companies across the country have called to find out how to launch TheBlaze  -- Blue Ridge Cable, Celect Communications, Bay Country Communications, Darien Communications, ACTV, Cablevision of Marion Country, Cass Cable TV, MCTV of Ohio, to name a few…..”

Americans across the country are delivering the message to their cable providers via Twitter using the hash tag in play which is “#IWantTheBlazeBecause.”
Another hash tag in play is:  “#GetTheBlaze.”
If you believe that the country is in desperate need of alternative news outlets, that cable television lacks moral programming and whether or not you are, like me, a fan of TheBlaze, please tweet and/or email your cable provided respectively.
Somewhere in your tweet, please be sure to note your cable provider’s tag.  See my tweet(s) below:

 You may not have noticed but I dislike my cable provider as much as I do Progressives and their media moppets.  It is, therefore, my esteem pleasure to demand better than the flapdoodle lineup that Cablevision/Optimum delivers to the tri-state area.

Americans have a right to alternative media outlets. As for those of residing in the tri-state area, I can only hope that I am not the sole voice in the wind.
Below are a few other tweets going out across the country.
I want the blaze screenshot
I want the blaze screenshot 002
I want the blaze screenshot 003
I want the blaze screenshot 004

Seriously, Americans deserve access to alternative media, quality and moral programming.  We deserve the truth, not the schlock that is pushed by Progressives.

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