Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Venezuelan Dictator, Hugo Chavez, Dead at Age 58


"Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has died in hospital at the age of 58 after developing a severe respiratory infection during his battle with cancer.
The country's vice president Nicolas Maduro made the announcement on television tonight.

A government spokesman had earlier said that the far-left leader, who has held control in the country for 19 years, was in a 'very delicate' condition in hospital.

Details of Chavez's health have been cloaked in mystery since he was first diagnosed with the disease in June 2011.

Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas earlier appeared on national television last night to announce that the president was suffering from 'a new, severe infection'.

Chavez, 58, had been undergoing 'chemotherapy of strong impact,' Villegas added...."

Just hours before the announcement of the death of Chavez, Venezuelan state tv attempted to assure the Venezuelan people that Chavez was alive but gravely ill while accusing the United States government of plotting against the interest of Venezuela.

…much of the statement focused on a U.S.-led conspiracy against the country.
Maduro says that the government had discovered that an officer of the U.S. Embassy was acting against Venezuela's military, getting in touch with officers and proposing a plan to destabilize the country.

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