Saturday, April 20, 2013

Barack NPD Hussein Obama turned Boston's memorial service into pep rally.

Barack Obama is a creature of habit.  When he loses a battle, he shamelessly lashes out exposing his dark side.  Next, he searches out a venue in which to vent.
Obama’s attendance at Thursday’s memorial service for the victims of last week’s Boston Marathon terrorist attack was pre-planned. 
Rabid from Wednesday’s loss to the Second Amendment and no respect for our three branches of government, the malignant narcissist with captured audience in hand, transformed a somber memorial service into another insipid pep rally to soothe his bruised ego. H/t Gateway Pundit via MFS – The Other News.
Thirty-four seconds of this video was more than I could stand but enough to know that Thursday’s service was the perfect venue for Obama to nourish his ego concerning a matter that is about the rights of all Americans and not the legacy of a Communist dictator. 
Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder is taking its toll on the nation.

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