Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Calling it by its name. Freudian Slip? Harry Reid Calls Bill "Anti-Gun Legislation"

Uploaded to YouTube by Senator Ted Cruz on Apr 16, 2013.
 Freudian slip?  Not really.   Reid was reading his speech from a prepared document.
Considering that less than twenty-four hours ago Harry Reid made official his betrayal of gun owners across America, one can only surmise that (a) Reid will retire at the end of the year; (b) Obama found dirt that would destroy Reid who up until now has donned a Teflon coating; or (c) Reid is in stage four of a terminal disease.
Either way, if the Senate Majority Leader’s anti-gun legislation passes in the Senate, it will be the final nail in Harry Reid’s coffin.
A terrible price for Americans to pay to get rid of this dirty pig.

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