Monday, April 22, 2013

CBS Twitter Feed Hijacked to Expose Media Blackout of Obama’s Involvement in Boston Bombings

“Hacktivists expose media’s refusal to report on private operatives at Boston bombings
The mainstream media’s refusal to report on images showing private military operatives on the scene of the Boston bombings carrying heavy backpacks prompted hacking group the Syrian Electronic Army to take matters into their own hands by hijacking CBS 60 Minutes’ Twitter account and sending out tweets exposing unanswered questions behind this week’s attacks…

…The tweets sent out by the group mainly focused on the Obama administration’s support for Al-Qaeda militants in Syria, but also brought attention to an issue which has been subject to a corporate media blackout since it first emerged – the presence of numerous identically dressed men who were caught on camera immediately before and after the Boston bombings wearing black backpacks and behaving as if they were engaged in some kind of security exercise….”
The hacking took occurred while the CBS program “48 Hours” was airing a special reference last week’s Boston Marathon terrorist attack.  Below are several of the tweets posted under the hacked Twitter account.


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