Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#Communist Ideologues Demanding theTermination of Black Conservative/Fox News Columnist Erik Rush

“People for the American Way are petitioning FOX News to dump Eric Rush for an exchange he had on Twitter yesterday following the Boston Marathon Bombings:
PFAW are obviously racist and want him fired because he is a black conservative….”
To get the full story, CONTINUE READING at BNI.
The disdain and intolerance that #Communists have for Black Conservatives and free speech from the right is no secret.
Rush was merely exercising his right to free speech and because he is not in line with the #Communist agenda, they are demanding that Fox terminate the man.
As first mentioned, while #Communists are demanding that Fox terminate Rush, there is no mention that at this moment racist #Communist dipshits, many of whom are Muslims, are unleashing a verbal assault on the New York Columnist on Twitter.  The tweets are hateful, twisted and racist.

You get the point and can see what Mr. Rush is dealing with.  Please help counter the attacks by #Communist ideologues against Erik Rush by contacting Fox News in support of the NY columnist.   BNI provides the list of Fox News contacts at her site.

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