Monday, April 29, 2013

Illegals Want to Create a Country Called Aztlan -Give ‘em California

“One of the goals of the invading hordes from Mexico is the the Reconquest of the American Southwest, but the seems to be some disagreement on what to do with it once they get it..  Some want us to turn it back over to Mexico, others want to recreate the mythical land of Azlan.. and kill all the Gringos.
Gringo quote by Jose Angel Gutierrez University of Texas on taking 'back' America southwest
Maybe we can reach a compromise and let the invaders have California.  We could get rid of Pelosi, Feinstien and Boxer as well as almost half of America’s other weird people....”
I suspect that illegals via the Democratic Socialist Party’s agenda to turn California into an Aztlan nation have concluded that if they push through enough legislation that would leave the state uninhabitable  for the rest of us that we would beg them to take California off our hands.
I say give illegals their darned Chiquita banana republic before they take the rest of us down with them.

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