Monday, April 8, 2013

Homosexual Married Couple Accused of Repeatedly Raping Their Adopted Sons Withdraw Plea Deal

Do not get it twisted, homosexual Married Couple, George Harasz (left) and Douglas Wirth (right), of Glastonbury (shown above), plead guilty to the charges levied against them in the rape of two of their adopted children.
Under the plea deal, they would have received a slap on the wrist, i.e., a suspended sentence and probation. 
However, due to the surfacing of further allegations of sexual abuse by three more children against Harasz and Wirth all bets were suddenly taken off the table.  Thus, Harasz and Wirth rescinded their plea deal opting instead for a trial.
As reported by GRUMPY OPINIONS:

“Funny, America’s Mainstream Media hasn’t said much about this–Wonder if that’s because it seems like half of the so called males in America’s lame street males are homosexuals?

'They took turns raping me': New claims of child sex abuse revealed as gay couple accused of molesting two of their 9 adopted children withdraw guilty plea and decide to go to trial

A same-sex couple accused of sexually abusing their adopted children are facing trial after withdrawing from a plea agreement as they are facing new allegations of molestation.
George Harasz and Douglas Wirth, of Glastonbury, were set to be sentenced Friday in Hartford Superior Court under a deal calling for suspended prison sentences and probation.
But the men instead withdrew from the agreement. The married couple pleaded no contest to charges of risk of injury to a minor in January.
Harasz and Wirth adopted nine children beginning in 2000 and were arrested in November 2011.
Police said two boys, ages 5 and 15, accused Harasz of sexually assaulting them. Harasz was charged with first-degree sexual assault and Wirth was charged with third-degree sexual assault of the 15-year-old boy.
Other children in the home told authorities they weren't abused.
Friday was supposed to be a sentencing hearing for Harasz and Wirth, who pleaded guilty in January to one felony count each of risk of injury to a minor.
But the agreement fell apart at the last moment when the defendants learned of a new allegation of abuse made against Harasz by one of the alleged victims, the Hartford Courant reported.
The case was thrown into further turmoil after additional allegations of abuse came to light involving three other of the nine children adopted by the Connecticut men.
Prosecutor David Zagaja told Judge Joan Alexander that in light of the revelations, which could result in additional criminal charges, there was no point in going forward with the sentencing. Instead, Zagaja said the proper course of action was to go to trial......
...According to the report cited by the prosecutors, the couple's adopted son said he has scars 'from being held down and raped and that those injuries were inflicted by a weapon....”
In the meantime, the Progressive media who are more interested in the so-called rights of homosexual couples than they the rights of children, pedophilia and sexual abuse are for the most part ignoring this story, pretending that it does not exist.  Of course, if it was their child or a family member who was being repeatedly raped, the handling of this story would be far different.

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