Sunday, April 14, 2013

Obama Elicits China’s Assist w/North Korea by Abrogating USA’s Asian Missile Defense Systems

UPDATE 2:  Kerry: U.S. will talk directly to North Korea if it ends nuclear arms program
“TOKYO -- Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that he was ‘not going to close the door’ on the possibility of direct talks with North Korea, a move that would fit into his stated mission to find new approaches to long-festering foreign policy problems….
...‘I’m not going to be so stuck in the mud that an opportunity to actually get something done is flagrantly wasted because of a kind of predetermined stubbornness or something,’ Kerry said…”

UPDATE 1:  Kerry meets with Japanese Officials.                         

In exchange for China’s assistance in handling North Korea, Barack Obama is offering to cancel the USA’s Asian Missile Defense Systems in the Pacific.  H/t Gateway Pundit.
“BEIJING — Secretary of State John Kerry flew to China on Saturday and offered a concession on missile defense meant to elicit China’s help in dealing with an increasingly recalcitrant and nuclear armed North Korea.
In a news conference after meetings with China’s top leaders, Kerry said the United States would reduce its missile defenses in Asia if North Korea abandoned its nuclear weapons program.
Kerry’s overture appeared aimed at addressing Chinese concerns that North Korea’s provocative actions were leading the United States to build up military strength in the region as China is boosting its own influence there….
… China remains a linchpin to the Obama administration’s policy of holding a tough line on Pyongyang, a reversal from the past. Previous administrations used aid to mollify the North and gain concessions on its nuclear program, only to see the North’s promises evaporate once the aid had been delivered….”

Even under the Obama administration, North Korea is not the only nation in the world to continuously take our money and a second later kick the USA in the teeth with both feet while clenching US dollars between their fists.
Also mentioned in last week’s post:

Besides being a despot and a malingerer, the appeaser in the Oval Office would be a coward fool to trust China because said reliance would put the country of Japan and U. S. territory in the Pacific at risk.
Can China put North Korea in check, provided it wanted to?

What if the appeaser’s propaganda rhetoric spin as espoused by Marxist media hand puppets referencing the conflict surrounding North Korea is hyperbole, solely intended to nudging manipulate Americans into a posture that most would consider unfavorable.  After all, it is the nature of the beast dictator president.

Finally, what if war with North Korea was the plan all along and so a scheme was hatched to nudge an imperceptive, pudgy little Korean into the position of no retreat.
Just wondering.

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