Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obama Never One to Disappoint: Another Crisis, Another Photo Op

The first thing Americans saw early Tuesday morning when upon accessing the site was Barack Obama’s anti-second amendment propaganda and twitter bomb scheme[1]. The next was a photograph of Obama at his desk surrounded by his minions shortly after news of the Boston Marathon attacks surfaced.

Zombies, szay ‘ello to your little friend.

Taking advantage of the moment (hours) of crisis, Obama wasted no time getting his photo op in.  Once accomplished, the next step was to upload the photograph to the site which was done some time Monday night. 
When I entered the site shortly after 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, the photograph was there.
Unfortunately, the despot is only getting started. Obama will attend a service scheduled tomorrow in Boston for the victims of Monday’s terrorist attacks.
Comrade Obama, Malignant Narcissist/ Manipulator/Opportunist/Oppressor
Below are a handful of photo ops as manipulated by the malignant narcissist (countless Sandy Hook photo ops excluded.)

All About Obama: Scripted Ground Zero Victory Lap/Photo Op, 911 Families Narrowed to a Select Few – Requirement, Collective Bargaining

Hurricane Sandy Just Another Obama Photo-Op

Oops, ANOTHER Obama Gaffe: Turkish Politicians Furious over Obama Baseball Bat Photo

Report Obama Propaganda

For every photo op mentioned above, there are at least fifty more of the malignant narcissist abusing the moment and/or the crisis.
Lastly, if Obama found himself in the position of have to terminate White House staff, rest assured that his photographer and calligrapher would be the last to go.


[1] As of this morning (Wednesday) the White House banner page pushing Obama’s anti-gun twitter bomb has been taken down.

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