Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obama’s 'Rhetoric' May Be Inciting North Korea into War with USA

“Recent announcements of American military deployments in response to belligerent statements by North Korea may have contributed to escalating tensions between the two countries, Pentagon officials told CNN on Thursday in explaining an effort to reduce U.S. rhetoric about the reclusive state.
'We accused the North Koreans of amping things up, now we are worried we did the same thing,' one Defense Department official said.
They spoke on the same day a U.S. official first told CNN that communications intercepts indicated North Korea may be planning to launch a mobile ballistic missile in the coming days or weeks....”

Barack Obama’s media puppets are dutifully reporting that Obama plans to tone down the rhetoric propaganda rhetoric because said propaganda might be responsible for inflaming North Korea’s decision to go to war with the USA.
That coming from an administration notorious for its ineptitude, distractions, sleight of hand and misinformation means that Obama will more than likely do the opposite.

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