Thursday, April 4, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona Recruiting Lifeguards, No “Swimming or Lifeguard Training” Required.

Phoenix officials are big on diversity and, therefore, not pleased that while primarily Blacks and Latinos frequent their public pools, the lifeguards are Caucasian. 
Thus, they have decided to remedy the situation by hiring non-Caucasian lifeguards and to even the drowning pool  swimming pool  playing field in the name of diversity, officials have gone one step further by requiring no swimming and lifeguard training. 
In fact, the only qualifications that Phoenix officials are requiring of its lifeguards are that those applying for these jobs are Asian, Black and Latino.
“….Phoenix will spend thousands of dollars to recruit minorities even if they’re not strong swimmers, according to an official quoted in a news report. Blacks, Latinos and Asians who may not necessarily qualify can still get hired, says the city official who adds that ‘we will work with you in your swimming abilities.’

There’s a good reason the city is hiring lifeguards that can’t swim. Public pools are largely used by Latino and African-American kids, but most of the lifeguards are white and this creates a huge problem. ‘The kids in the pool are all either Hispanic or black or whatever, and every lifeguard is white and we don’t like that,’ says a Phoenix official quoted in the story. She added that ‘the kids don’t relate; there’s language issues…

… Though this is a local effort in one city, it’s also part of a national trend to boost the minority workforce at whatever cost…..”
“…part of a national trend to boost the minority workforce at whatever cost…” even if said workforce results in the loss of life?
The rationale that Phoenix officials are applying in their hiring process of lifeguards who lack proper swimming/lifeguard training in the name of diversity is not only misplaced but deadly.
The ethnicity of a lifeguard is irrelevant, especially when the threat of drowning exists.
Anyone who has witnessed a drowning, almost drowned or has lost someone to a drowning knows where this dereliction of duty by Phoenix officials all in the name of diversity is headed.
The claims by Phoenix officials that the majority of lifeguards stationed at their public pools are Caucasian and, therefore, a problem not only racist and should not sit well with parents whose children frequent their public pools.
Not only is this pc run amoc, it is yet another example of the value, correction, lack thereof that Progressives place on life.


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