Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Remembering Jackie Robinson

Screenshot of Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers -- Opening Day, Ebbets Field Brooklyn New York -- April 15, 1947

Upon accessing YouTube in search of footage on one of history’s greatest baseball players, Jackie Robinson, what came up first and foremost were trailers and interviews from what I assume to be Harrison Ford’s new movie, “42”, a biopic on the life of Jackie Robinson in which Ford takes on the role of baseball executive Wesley Branch Rickey.
I consider Hollywood’s presentation of Robinson taking precedence on YouTube over actual footage of the baseball player suspect and only after jumping back and forth did I come across actual footage on the life and successes of this American icon.
The game that Google, YouTube and Hollywood are playing with our history concerns me along with the fact that Ford gave the Obamas a private showing of the movie. 
It has long occurred to me that the Obamas are funding with our taxpayer dollars specific Hollywood movies and in so doing are rewriting history that stands up to their propaganda.
That along with the fact that since Obama has been in the White House there is a resurgence of what will become known as “Blaxploitation II” is not lost on me. 
Moreover I would find hijacking the memory of this Jackie Robinson by Communists particularly disturbing and can only pray that I am wrong.  We shall see.

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