Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seven Months to the Day and the White House Cover up on Benghazi Continues.

My way of letting Barack Obama know that I STILL want to know (a) what the hell happened and (b) who pushed the video.

Barack Obama the most corrupt president in the history of America

Benghazi Obama Clinton May the Haunted Forever by the Ghosts of Dead Patriots

Obama Benghazi Blood on His Hands

Benghazi 70000 strong Hillary Resist44

Benghazi cover up what difference does it make  


Clinton Obama Rice Crooked Who Pushed the Video Benghazi

Published on Mar 27, 2013
Benghazi 9.11 is the story they don't want you to hear. It's the story the media didn't tell you. It's the movie they don't want you to see. The truth must be told.

Obama Benghazi Request for Help Denied 
Benghazi Truth Liberal Trolls Pretending to be Conservatives 

Benghazi Military Muzzled Benghazi Obama Watched Them Die Bush Benghazi Cover up Obama Accountability Crossing borders Hillary Clinton Benghazi Cover up Obama Abandoned Four Patriots Benghazi Obama Gun Control Benghazi  
Obama Las Vegas Campaigning Ambassador Christopher Stevens Benghazi Dying
Benghazi worse cover up than Watergate
obama chump
Benghazi 4 

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