Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Missouri Education Watchdog Girls Explain Common Core to a Packed House

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“...Over 200 people attended a Common Core panel discussion featuring Sandra Stotsky, Senator John Lamping, Senator Brian Nieves, Anne Gassel and Gretchen Logue.  Lee Presser moderated and questions were taken after the panel discussion.
Dr. Stotsky (who appeared as a witness for SB210 and HB616) was on the Common Core ELA  committee and refused to sign on as a supporter.  Senators Lamping and Nieves spoke about SB210 and its progression through the Senate.  Anne and Gretchen talked about the data mining/dissemination of individual student information and action citizens can take to stop the implementation of Common Core in their schools.
Watch for the video to be posted on this site within the week*.  We appreciate everyone’s help and participation in last night’s event.
You can access Dr. Stotsky’s testimony on HB616 and SB210 here….”

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