Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tonight the Emperor Holds Court: 10th Performance at the White House -- Commie Elitists Only -- Middle Class and the Poor be Damned.

In yet another do as I say, not as I do moment and in spite of:
  • budget cuts due to the sequester;
  • cancellation of White House tours;
  • the Obamas disdain for our military, the unborn, seniors, the Constitutional liberties of Americans, in particular, hot potatoes of the moment, drones on U.S.  soil, banning free speech and the right to bear arms;
  • continuous cover up in the Benghazi attacks and Fast and Furious;
  • national unemployment rate of 7.7% (allegedly);
  • teen unemployment at a whopping 24.2%;
  • Black unemployment 13.3%;
  • Hispanic unemployment 10.9%
  • another 803,000 discouraged workers having stopped looking for work in March;
  • Obama’s pending announcement of additional Medicare cuts  and a cpi change to social secur8ty that was initially implemented shortly after Obama took office in 2008,
the band plays on behind the closed doors of the White House affording Communist elites yet another opportunity to party on the taxpayer dollars of we, the people, whom the most corrupt president in the history of the United States plans to raise taxes on time and time again.
“…While the performances are televised and celebrate the nation’s culture, some may wonder whether during an era of soaring deficits it is wise to stage what are also in effect private parties for the first couple.
And with this evening’s event, the performances are officially part of the ‘sequester-free zone’ at the White House….
… The Obamas suspended the performances during the campaign season, either because they were too busy or because they thought average voters might not be pleased by the sight of them partying it up as unemployment continues to rage….”

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