Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wake up America! It’s time you gave a Damn.

Dominoes effect of losing the Constitution

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Obama: Impeached!

Obamacare REPEALED

Put “GOD” back in America !!!

This post is right on time and says it all.  Just came in from running errands and ran into a die-hard Obama supporter who has not worked in a decade or more and drinks the kool-aid by the gallon.  We nearly got into a screaming match because this ignoramus believes that the Republicans are the blame for America's ills.  Oh yes and how Obama cannot get anything done because “they hate him and are always getting in the way.”
 liberal brain

Rather than rip my neighbor a new one while informing her that it’s too early in the day to be drunk, I took the high road.  I took five minutes to educate this low information voter.  I informed my neighbor about everything from Obama’s treasonous acts in addition to raising our taxes, increasing the national debt, doling out food stamps, free phones and the dehumanization of our military, the latter of which should be a major concern to the woman considering her eldest son has been in the air force for as long as I can remember.
Her only retort was the following, "The economy began going downhill thirty years ago," as if that little tidbit was enough to give her messiah cover for his failings.  My response to the doofus who lives two floors up is that "the Progressives have been running the show for at least the last fifty."  End of conversation. 

liberals_work_hard_to_be_stupid ben franklin

I have no tolerance or interest in engaging such ignorant people.  They are on the wrong side of history.  Their time is up and if their clock is cleaned because of their ignorance, so be it.  I am so tired of talking to stupid people.
Finally, Samiam is right.  2014 cannot get here soon enough.

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