Saturday, May 11, 2013

American Professor Who Hates America Stabbed in Cairo by Muslim Who Also Hates America

Sometimes poetic justice is very poetic. Other times it’s ironic. And sometimes it’s a teachable moment about the folly of appeasement.
Not that Dr. Christopher Stone will have learned anything from his experience. Leftist academics are not very educable. Not even when their Muslim teachers are stabbing them in the neck. (via Debbie Schlussel)
A man stabbed in the neck near the US Embassy in Cairo on Thursday has been identified as Chris Stone, an American academic. Stone is associate professor of Arabic and head of the Arabic Programme at City University.
Lebanese political science professor Asaad Abu Khalil described Stone via Facebook as a ‘model academic and a man who has dealt with Arabs and their causes with extreme respect, sensitivity, and support.’ Stone is a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause and writes frequently against Zionism, Khalil added.
According to Al-Ahram, Stone told prosecutors the attack took place while he was on his way to the US Embassy to finish some paperwork for his wife. A young man enquired about his nationality and stabbed him in the neck after he said he was American.”
Well, before you say anything, it is only fair to note that there are two sides to every story so let us read on, shall we?  After all, this is the USA and we believe in hearing both sides of the story before we judge….so please bear with me.
“…Mahmoud Badr, 30, who holds a bachelor's degree in commerce, was arrested on Thursday after stabbing American academic Chris Stone in the neck outside the US embassy in Cairo.
Badr told interrogators that he took his mother's knife, travelled to Cairo by train from Kafr El-Sheikh, and went to the US embassy in search of an American citizen to kill, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported on Friday.
Badr attempted to enter the embassy by pretending to be seeking a visa.
Stone, an associate professor of Arabic and head of the Arabic Programme at City University in New York, was going to the embassy to finish some paperwork for his wife.
Badr told interrogators that he asked Stone his nationality then stabbed him in the neck when he said he was American.
He said his motive was anger against the United States…..”
Chris Stone is an American academic (code words for Marxist elitist) who despises his country, i.e., the United States and like so many of his fellow elites, Stone loves the enemy more than his head.
Mahmoud Badr is an academic and Muslim who despises the United States.  Like his fellow Muslims who burn the American flag in the streets of the Middle East and Asia while shouting death to the west and behead all infidels, Badr would take the head of Chris Stone in a New York minute.  After all, Stone who treats his enemy with ‘extreme respect, sensitivity and support the highest degree of respect’ is what Muslims detest the most, an infidel. 
“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” Koran 9:5
Two sides of the story?  No.  Karma. Yes.

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