Friday, May 3, 2013

Clarence Thomas: Obama 'Approved By The Elites'

Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas


“Associate Justice Clarence Thomas spoke to college students about his life and career. He focused on the state of racial relations, the operations of the Supreme Court, and pursuing a career in the law. Among the wide range of other topics were his early life, advice he received from Thurgood Marshall, the Anita Hill controversy, his conservatism, faith, the media, and the Court’s relationship with President Obama.”
Clearly, Progressives, who for decades have attacked the reputation and the person, will not take well to Justice Thomas speaking truth to power with reference to the selection of Barack Hussein Obama by Progressives to become the nation’s first bi-racial president emperor monarch usurper campaigner-in-chief to adorn the Oval Office.
The truth hurts and Progressives incapable of handing the truth will,  therefore, unleash a new wave of attacks against Thomas from not only from those who chose Obama but those who worship and carry Nero’s  their messiah’s water.  H/t U S Constitutional Free Press.
Justice Thomas' full discussion can be viewed at C-SPAN here.

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