Saturday, May 11, 2013

Closing Remarks Benghazi Hearing -- Eric Nordstrom: "The message is the same, you're on your own."

Eric Nordstrom Benghazi Hearing 0508201

In the final moments of the Benghazi Exposing Failure Recognizing Courage Hearing, Rep John Mica engages Eric Nordstrom in a discussion regarding whitewashing of the Benghazi talking points by the ARB which points the finger at lower level officials.
[04:08] Mr. Nordstrom:  “…I think the basic message is that whether or not you are sitting at the post requesting resources, preparing for testimony before this Committee of standing on a building surrounded by an armed mob attacking you, the message is the same, ‘you’re on your own….”

A government that refuses to assist and have the back of one of its own is unworthy and cannot be trusted.

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