Saturday, May 18, 2013

Colorado sheriffs file lawsuit against state’s anti-gun legislation.

Below is an email I received today from the Oathkeepers.
“There was an Oath Keepers meeting last week in Colorado, and Tim Norton, our authorized chapter coordinator in the Denver area, had asked my help in expediting a shipment of Oath Keepers brochures and DVDs, which he received just hours before the meeting. Tim is retired U.S. Air Force and is honoring his Oath by organizing Oath Keepers members and activities in central Colorado. Tim’s meeting last week was about the Colorado Sheriffs and their problem with new Colorado gun laws.
This afternoon, Friday, May 17, 2013, Tim emailed me the following links with the good news that Fifty-four (54) Colorado Sheriffs had their lawsuit against the State of Colorado filed in court today. (Update: Just this afternoon, another Sheriff has joined, making the total now at 55 – see below.)”
See press conference Below.
05:27 …It is our duty and responsibility as sheriffs to protect the people who elected us and to whom we serve and to quote he renowned Jewish Rabbi Phillip, if not us who, if not now when; but do not assume, however, that this lawsuit is about party affiliation because it's not.
We have sheriffs from both sides.  We have both republicans and democrats joining the suit.
It is also not about urban versus rural like the governor likes to portray as we have both rural and metro sheriff's signing on as plaintiffs.
It's about the constitution. It's about the second and fourteenth amendments.  This suit is about our way of life, our freedoms, our rights and our liberties which transcend political affiliation and place of residence…

Watch 06:25 of video where patriot, Dylan Herald, one of the disabled plaintiffs and a member of Outdoor Buddies, who has joined in the lawsuit points out how Colorado’s draconian gun laws violates his rights constitutionally and in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) along with the rights or every Coloradoan.

You can view the list of sheriffs who has joined in the civil rights lawsuit here.

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