Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Constitutional Limits on the Executive Branch

“It may seem a bit out of place these days to consider the limits & weakness of the Executive Branch.  But, at this moment, the Executive Branch is facing no fewer than 3 individual scandals involving potential abuses of executive power.  So, this may be as good a time as any to take a look at the powers of the Executive Branch in context with its written Constitutional limits.

Headed by the President of the United States, the Executive Branch is merely one of 3 branches in the U.S. Federal Government. It coexists with the Legislative and Judicial Branches.  In order to protect the liberty of the People & the States, the Executive Branch was designed to be less powerful than Congress thereby preventing our Chief Executive from acting like a king. (1*) But, based on the current news reports out of the mainstream media, how many people actually know the limits to executive powers?”

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