Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dad bashes 6-week-old girl then throws her in freezer to stop crying.

“An exhausted Washington dad slammed his tiny daughter in a freezer for more than an hour to stop her from crying, police said.
Tyler James Deutsch, 25, allegedly dumped the 6-week-old girl in the 10-degree ice box at his trailer in Roy on Saturday - and then fell asleep.
He only woke up when he heard the child's 22-year-old mom returning. She walked in to find him taking the baby, who was only wearing a diaper, out of the unit.
Horrified, the mom tried to dial 911.
But Deutsch allegedly snatched the phone away to stop her - so she ran to the trailer park landlord's office to complete the emergency call.
Deutsch appeared in court in Tacoma on Tuesday. He pleaded not guilty to charges of child assault, criminal mistreatment and interfering with reporting of domestic violence….”
Tyler James Deutsch is a threat to children.  Besides being ordered to stay away from children, Deutsch should be locked up indefinitely.  H/t TheBlaze.
At the same time, if the mother did not trust leaving her baby with this man, she should not have.  In spite of all the harm that was done to this child in her absence, let’s keep it real.  This could have ended far differently.
Pay attention ladies!  Listen to that voice in the back of your mind.  Take heed. Do not leave your child(ren) with just anyone, father or not. 

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