Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Harry Reid, Ted Cruz Exchange “My friend from Texas is like a schoolyard bully.”

“An annoyed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) a ‘schoolyard bully’ during a tense exchange on the Senate floor.
Reid was frustrated over Cruz’s opposition to his motion to appoint conferees to a House-Senate budget committee. The conservative Texas congressman expressed concerns that the conference report would be used to raise the nation’s debt ceiling….”
Reid’s assertions that he is speaking on behalf of Americans is tacky and disingenuous.
Progressives are responsible for the House and the Senate not working together. Rules and working together in the interest of our nation went out the window in the House in 2006 when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker and as if it could not get any worse, it went downhill from there once Obama was sworn in, January 20, 2009 courtesy of the ruling Marxist elites.
When Reid talks about doing things in “regular order,” he means doing it his way.  Notice toward the end of the video that it is actually Harry Reid who is behaving like the schoolyard bully solely because Cruz stood up to him.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
Cruz has to be doing something right because he is hitting everyone’s nerve on the left.  Just Sunday Bill Richardson announced that he is not a fan of the good senator and “does not like his politics” which Richardson then used as justification to assault the good senator’s ethnicity.

In other words and as they say in the hood, Ted Cruz ain’t s*** because he’s not a Progressive (pardon the expression).
Disgusting and shameful testimony from a member of the Progressive elite setting forth additional proof that Progressives actually believe that they own Blacks and Latinos and, therefore, only they can speak on behalf or represent the so-called interests of Blacks and Latinos.
Richardson like his fellow Progressives is a b.s. artist whose agenda is empowerment, self-enrichment and the enslavement of those ignorant enough to support the Progressive agenda.

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