Friday, May 31, 2013

Off the Record: AG, Eric Holder’s “If you give me one more chance, I’ll do better” spiel

eric holders off the record meeting with journalist

During yesterday’s “off the record” meeting with media puppets outlets Eric “Moses” Holder told media editors who attended the meeting that if given another chance “he would change the way the Justice Department handles investigations that involve reporters and not repeat searches that have raised concerns about freedom of the press…”
As reported by the Huffington Post/Reuters, after the meeting, the limp rags who met with Holder spewing talking points said that:
“…they were encouraged by the DOJ’s (Holder) expressions of regret, though one said the Justice Department still has a long way to go to understand how journalists work.
‘There was a commitment to change the department's guidelines for handling cases such as these and a renewed commitment to support a federal shield law for journalists, said Gerald Seib, Washington bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal….”
Translation:  “If you give me one more chance, I’ll do better.”
New Addition to Obama’s Enemies List: the Media
Translation of translation:  The next time Holder infringes upon first amendment of Americans, the media included, he will double down, as the Obama administration is known to do, beginning with the media outlets who boycotted failed refused to attend the king’s court yesterday as directed.
Holder plans to meet with more members of the press today.
NPR, who has suddenly had an attack of conscience (or did they) is sending a senior news executive and legal counsel to represent NPR instead of an editor.  Their concerns is that an “off the record” meeting with Holder would be “inappropriate” “on a subject in which we have a direct interest.”
Holder’s Regrets, Not so Much
At the conclusion of Thursday’s dog and pony show the Justice Department responded to concerns made the day before by the GOP stating that Holder may have lied under oath.
“…a Justice Department spokesperson released a statement defending Holder's words from a May 15 hearing, where he said he was never involved in the pursuit of a criminal investigation surrounding a journalist.
‘The Attorney General’s testimony concerning the potential prosecution of a member of the press was accurate and consistent with the facts of the Kim case. At no time during the leak case involving Stephen Kim, before or after the FBI sought the search warrant, have prosecutors sought approval to bring criminal charges against the reporter. The search warrant application in the Kim matter was focused on obtaining evidence relating to allegations that a government official had leaked highly classified information, which was a threat to our national security. The warrant application was drafted during the investigation phase of the case, which came before any decisions about prosecution. And nearly three years after completing our thorough investigation of the Kim matter, the Department does not anticipate bringing any additional charges. During the Attorney General’s tenure, no reporter has ever been prosecuted….”
What we have here are the markings of a snake oil salesman, i.e., regret getting caught infringing upon the liberties of the press and the citizenry with one hand, ham-fisted, lying, rewriting history and twisting of the facts with the other hand behind his back.
In the meantime, MSNBC’s ratings will continue to plunge as the White House media outlet does its best to exonerate Obama by exonerating Holder.
Michael Eric Dyson, race baiter and overseer to Obama’s plantation is correct when he almost let it slip out that Holder was the bully pulpit for Obama in a failed attempt to exonerate Holder by referring to him as Moses.  What does that then make Obama in the eyes of this Progressive?

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