Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Three Teen Girls Missing, Held Captive for a Decade Found Alive in Cleveland.

“Three girls who went missing a decade ago have been found alive after they were kept chained up  in the dungeon of a Cleveland, Ohio home.
Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were found alive on Monday inside a house on 2200 block of Seymour Avenue near West 25th Street alongside a third woman identified as Michelle Knight.
A 52-year-old man named Ariel Castro has been arrested and is in police custody in connection to the case along with his two brothers, who are 50-years-old and 54-years-old respectively. The two other brothers names have not been released.
When the neighbor helped Berry out of the house, she was holding a young child, and there were reportedly other children in the home but it is unclear what their relationship is to the children….”
Thank goodness that these young ladies are back at home with their families, friends and loved ones, alive and safe.  Indeed, God is good.
As for former school bus driver, Ariel Castro, the slug, who held these young ladies captive, abused them for a decade and stole their innocence; put him in a cell with ten guys named Bubba.
Below is Amanda Perry’s 911 call.
God bless Charles Ramsey for doing the right thing.  The man is a hero (video below).
Seriously, we as parents and guardians of our young really need to sit down and re-assess who we are putting in care of our children.

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