Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Courageous Patriots Counter-Protest Commies at NYC’s May Day Rally 2013

“This May Day, as every May Day in New York, Union Square became the stage for all sorts of revolutionary theatrics.

The actors included communist groups demanding right to work, labor unions demanding more pay for less work, border jumpers looking for any work, occupiers who don't know what work is, and anarchist kids with slogans like "Never work."

Opposing hundreds of these protesters were two young local students who read the People's Cube. One of them sent us a picture with this little description....”
The ever intolerant left’s reaction to their opposition was ugly AS USUAL.  The young man in the above photograph, his friend and the two women who attended yesterday's May Day Rally in NYC's Union Square are my heroes. The People's Cube has more photographs worth viewing.

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