Friday, May 10, 2013

TYRANNY ALERT: 3D Printed Gun Makers Files/Website Commandeered by State Department


The Obama administration in what is clearly another case of government overreach and an assault on American exceptionalism has “requested” (yeah right) that Defense Distributed remove its 3d gun files associated with its Wiki Weapon Project.  See Department of State letter at the bottom of this post.

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“Defense Distributed, the company who last week used a 3D printer to print the first completely printed gun, with the exception of the metal firing pin, and used the weapon to fire a .380 caliber round successfully has had their 3D gun plans taken over by the US government.
Defense Distributed has also made a 3D printed AR-15 lower which was used to fire hundreds of rounds of .223 ammo successfully using a standard AR-15 upper receiver and parts kit.
According to, the website where the company distributed their 3D printer plans has been taken over by the US government.
A large red banner across the top of the website reads: DEFCAD files are being removed from public access at the request of the US Department of Defense Trade Controls. Until further notice, the United States government claims control of the information….”

As reported by the Examiner:
“‘#DEFCAD has gone dark at the request of the Department of Defense Trade Controls,’ the page announces. ‘Take it up with the Secretary of State….’
…Some angry gun owners have been commenting on forums demanding to know how the government can claim authority to do this, and the answer is through International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which include not just physical munitions and the like, but also technical data. Those who have been following such matters for some time will not be surprised by this latest development, particularly now that Attorney General Eric Holder has assumed ‘clarified’ authority ‘to designate defense articles and defense services as part of the statutory USML for purposes of permanent import controls,’ and with the uproar the Liberator announcement has been causing among the anti-gun segment of the legislature, particularly with Senators Chuck Schumer and Steve Israel ginning up hysteria….”
As those commenting reference the above article so adeptly pointed out,
‘It's a damn good thing that Galileo, Newton, DaVinci, Edison, Tesla, Bowning, Colt, Williams, Garand, Messrs Smith & Wesson, and others all died prior to this current administration's "progressive" return to the Dark Ages. Otherwise they'd all be sharing residences in some out of the way federal lockup awaiting an unknown fate. The Bureaucratic jackasses in charge of government agencies today are no better than the witchhunters of the 15th and 16th centuries and seem to enjoy the same power of unquestioned accusation.’
Kent McManigal --
It's too late to stop. Everyone who downloaded the files is probably willing to share the info far and wide. ‘You can't stop the signal.’ What the feds CAN do is start a shooting war over this.
I'm sure DEFCAD knew something like this was a probability, considering the criminal history of the feds where anti-gun bigotry is concerned….”
As of this morning, the files are still available for download on Pirate Bay.  See links below:
Slashdot has also provided direct links to downloading the files, here.
Within 48 hours of Cody Wilson making the blueprints for his 3d printable gun available online for download, the blueprints for the “Liberator” 3d printable gun, the first of its kind was downloaded more than 100,000 times.
Quoting from another article at the Examiner:

“…Cody stated that instead of charging people for his blueprint, Defense Distributed (the company Cody founded) uploaded the weapons files so that the world would have free access to the blueprints. On Thursday, Cody received a letter from the State Department Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance demanding that he remove the online blueprints for the “Liberator”, as well as nine other 3D-printable firearms components hosted on their website,….”

As I pointed out in Monday’s post entitled, Bitcoin helps fund world’s first 3D-printed gun, now test fired and available for download:

“…It comes as no surprise that the Marxist ruling elites are apoplectic over Cody Wilson’s creation.  Thus, hatching an agenda and/or legislation that would relieve Wilson of his creation but it has nothing to do with gun control or crime.  This is about power, avarice, self-enrichment and corporate takeovers.
For the Marxist ruling elites, Wilson’s creation must not be destroyed but placed in a controlled environment thereby denying Americans opportunity and access.  It is about oppression and maintaining control of the masses, i.e., the right to bear arms for me but not for thee.  (See Guns Saves Lives article, ‘NY Senator Schumer Gets Butt Hurt Over 3D Printed Guns’.)…”


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