Wednesday, June 12, 2013

After 4 ½ Years of Obama, Americans View Bush More Favorably

George W Bush Miss me yet

According to a recent Gallup poll survey, for the first time since 2005, which also happens to post four years of Barack Hussein Obama, Americans, regardless of party affiliation, view George W. Bush more favorably.
Forty-nine percent of Americans view GWB favorably as opposed to 46% unfavorably.
“…The June 1-4 poll shows further improvement in Americans' ratings of Bush, which had not been more positive than negative since April 2005. Prior to then, Americans had always viewed Bush more favorably than unfavorably, including an 87% favorable rating in November 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That is one percentage point below the all-time high Gallup has measured for any public figure, shared by Colin Powell (2002) and Tiger Woods (2000)….
…George W. Bush's favorable rating is more positive now among all party groups than it was in March 2009, when it dipped to 35% overall. Currently, 84% of Republicans, 46% of independents, and 24% of Democrats have a favorable view of Bush, each up more than 10 points since 2009. However, the more recent improvement in his ratings, a five-point overall uptick since November 2010, has been more apparent among Democrats, whose rating has increased by 10 points since then….”
For the past several years, Progressives spearheaded by Obama lambasted Bush at every turn which undoubtedly played a role in unfavorable views of the ex-president. 
However, after four and half years of “it’s Bush’s fault”, countless scandals involving the Obama administration, oppression, acts of treason, deception by the Progressive establishment and tyrannical assaults on the liberties of Americans by POTUS43 leaves Bush looking pretty good to many Americans.
Finally, Barack Obama blaming his ineptitude and failings on George Bush has worn itself out.  In other words, the American people are no longer listening.

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