Tuesday, June 18, 2013

“Audit the IRS Rally” – Wednesday, 6/19, Wash. DC – Headliners: Beck, Bachmann, Rand Paul, Mike Lee & Ted Cruz

If able, please join, Tea Party Patriots, on Wednesday, June 19th at 12pm on the West Lawn of the US Capitol to fight government corruption, in this case, IRS targeting of Americans and American entities who stand in opposition to Barack Obama’s ideology and big government policies.
What: Audit the IRS Rally
When: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 from Noon – 2pm
Where: West Lawn of the US Capitol
See list of speakers at bottom of post.
As is being provided by Tea Party Patriots, there is a mobile app available for download so that patriots in attendance at the rally or unable to attend can watch tomorrow’s rally LIVE. Check it out!

Stand Wednesday with Tea Party Patriots against the gangster government on the Hill.

Please also sign the petition at www.AuditTheIRS.org
You can view the rally LIVE STREAM tomorrow at my other blog,


Ted Cruz , US Senate
Mike Lee , US Senate (UT)
Rand Paul , US Senate (KY)
Michele Bachmann , US House (MN)
Jim Bridenstine , US House (OK)
Dave Camp , US House (MI)
John Fleming , US House (LA)
Louie Gohmert , US House (TX)
Tom Graves , US House (GA)
Tim Huelskamp , US House (KS)
Jim Jordan , US House (OH)
Mike Kelly , US House (PA)
Steve King , US House (IA)
Tom Price , US House (GA)
Matt Salmon , US House (AZ)
Justin Binik-Thomas , Individual, Included in Liberty Township Tea Party Letter*
Marion Bower , American Patriots Against Government Excess*
George Brunemann, Jr. , Cincinnati Tea Party*
Joe Dugan , Myrtle Beach Tea Party*
Becky Gerritson , Wetumpka Tea Party*
Kelly Horsley , Katy Tea Party Patriots*
Darcy Kahrhoff , Katy Tea Party Patriots*
Kevin Kookogey , Linchpins of Liberty*
Sue Martinek , Coalition for Life of Iowa*
Gerri McDaniel , Myrtle Beach Tea Party*
Daniel Moore , Albequerque Tea Party*
Rick Morlen , Albuquerque Tea Party*
Austin R. Nimrocks , Alliance Defending Freedom*
Larry Nordvig , Richmond Tea Party*
Laura Van Overschelde , The Mississippi Tea Party*
Katrina Pierson , Dallas Tea Party*
Paul Simpson , Katy Tea Party Patriots*
Mark West , Chatanooga Tea Party*
Stephen K. Bannon , Breitbart News
Glenn Beck , The Glenn Beck Program
Darla Dawald , Grassfire/Patriot Action Network
Ken Hoagland , Restore America's Voice
Jim Hoft , The Gateway Pundit
Niger Innis , CORE and TheTeaParty.net
Sonnie Johnson , Breitbart News
Phil Kerpen , American Commitment
Andrew Langer , The Institute for Liberty
Dana Loesch , The Dana Loesch Radio Show
Lisa Miller , Tea Party Washington DC
Seton Motley , Less Government
Michael Needham , Heritage Action
Lisa Mei Norton , Big Dawg Music Mafia, National Anthem Singer
Jordan Sekulow , American Center for Law and Justice
KCarl Smith , Frederick Douglass Republicans
Rose Tennent , The War Room Radio Program
Caleb Yee , Tea Party Students
* Individuals or groups targeted by the IRS.

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