Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Barack & Malik Obama Scandals

Malik and Barack Obama at the White House
“When the words terrorist, Muslim Brotherhood, Abon’go Malik Obama, Al-Malik Hussein Obama my first thought is Barack Hussein Obama (BHO.)  One funds the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East, supplies them with arms, jets and taxpayer’s money and the other one the Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) an organization created by the Sudanese Government (a terrorist State.)
One is hiding behind Obama’s pants legs and created the Barack Obama Foundation (BHOF) technically getting a get out jail free card by none other than Lois Lerner at the now famous IRS.  Malik applied for a tax exempt status May 2011 for the BHOF and Lois Lerner literally gave his foundation tax exempt status overnight, but made it retro-active since Malik had been busy taking donations several years prior.
Lois Lerner’s signature is at the bottom of Malik’s IRS approval letter and of course one must wonder how Malik Obama received VIP status while 100’s of Conservative groups had been put on hold….”

Barack H Obama Foundation Letter from the IRS

All of these scandals are enough to make one’s head spin and the American people regardless of political affiliation should ALL be outraged over the level of corruption that comes out of the White House.
To put it mildly, Obama’s can of worms has no bottom.  
Of course, Obama say what he has been saying for four and half years, i.e., “I know nothing” but when there are so many scandals smoke, there is fire.  Wake up America.  Pull the sheets back and expose the lies.

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