Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Capitol Police to Tea Party: Show Us Your Websites or No Rally

“The Tea Party Patriots were planning a rally in Washington DC on Wednesday June 19th.
But they ran into a wall.
The Capitol Police want to see their websites first.
Kevin Mooneyhan from the Tea Party Patriots described this latest Tea Party challenge:
Below is the timeline of events surrounding our June 19th rally at the Capitol. We haven’t done anything to publicize this event yet because we wanted to make sure we had the permit in hand. You know, follow the rules, do the right thing, etc.
Event Date: June 19, 2013
Permit Submitted: 5/22/2013 via fax
Officer Brown contacted me on 5/23 to ask me 2 questions
If we would have a banner and if so what the dimensions would be and how we would hang it.
If we were going to have buses and to make sure that we coordinated with Union Station since the Capitol couldn’t accommodate buses.
The impression that I got was that it would likely be approved in a few days. She told me, ‘Hopefully the next time you hear from me, it will be to let you know that the permit is approved.’
The following Tuesday, 5/28/13 I reached out to Officer Brown for an update and she told me that it had been submitted upstairs for approval and that 3 sargeants still had to sign off on it. She didn’t know when the final approval would be….”
Americans have the right to free assembly but you wouldn’t know it by the actions of the Capitol police who are “targeting” members of the Tea Party, i.e., American citizens much like the targeting as committed by IRS employees.
This is Barack Obama’s latest attempt to shut down the right to free assembly and free speech. 
How much more confirmation do we need to recognize that various factions of law enforcement much like Hitler’s SS police have become the puppets tyranny, oppression against the people.

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