Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Closing in step by step, 88 IRS Workers now linked to "Targeting" Scandal.

skeletons falling out of the closet

According to the IRS, 88 IRS employees, just 12 short of 100, possibly linked to the targeting of Americans who stand in opposition to Obama’s ideology does not mean that all were directly involved in the targeting in spite of the documentary evidence found on their computer terminals.
Nothing to see here folks, go away.  The IRS and their talking points, who are they kidding?  Finding documentary evidence on one’s computer does not necessarily imply guilt?  Or would it? 
“…Those documents, provided by an IRS employee who asked to remain anonymous, indicate that those being asked to provide computer data to investigators include the agency’s chief counsel, William J. Wilkins, and both of his deputies. The chief counsel is one of just two political appointments at the IRS made by the president.
Investigators asked the IRS to gather all data from the computers of several employees throughout the agency, and their request, according to the source, was broadened late last week to include over a dozen employees in the chief counsel’s office. They include chief counsel William Wilkins as well as his deputy chief counsel for operations, Christopher Sterner and his deputy chief counsel for technical matters, Erik Corwin. Investigators are also mining the computer data of two lawyers in the chief counsel’s office responsible for procedures and administration, and nine others who oversee tax-exempt and government entities. In all, the hard drives of 19 lawyers in the chief counsel’s office are being turned over to investigators. …”

As expected, the targeting of Americans by the IRS gets closer to the Oval Office every day. 
Wilkins a former partner of the law firm, WilmerHale, who represented Obama’s mentor and pastor, Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church in an investigation initiated by the IRS after a speech made by Obama referencing his intention to run for president in 2007 as referenced in an article posted in the American Lawyer.  The case was dismissed in 2008.
Susan L. Anderson, wife of ex-IRS Commissioner, Douglas Schulman and Senior Program Advisor for Public Campaign worked directly for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.
There goes the myth by Progressives that Schulman who donated to Obama’s campaign was a Bush flunky.
Besides being a liberal organization opposed to corporate influence in elections, Public Campaign is both a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) entity.
“…One of the Left’s major initiatives in recent years has been its effort to block conservatives from participating in politics through 501(c) organizations. Its campaign against the Citizens United decision and its bizarre war against the Koch brothers have been components of this strategy. This is what Public Campaign is all about. “Clean money” means money donated by Democratic Party supporters like George Soros and the labor unions, even if they have to extract it from unwilling donors by force. And Public Campaign has an entire section of its web site devoted to attacking the Koch brothers. This is also what the IRS’s effort to obstruct conservative applicants for 501(c) status was all about….”
Anderson as it so happens was also actively involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement which confirms the Obama connection.
Finally, just in case you are not outraged enough below is a video of the new IRS commissioner, Danny Werfel, ducking the press after yesterday’s House Appropriations Committee hearing.

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