Monday, June 10, 2013

Former Marine makes Fallujah documentary

“In a sea of documentary films about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Garrett Anderson’s project is a rarity: A Marine veteran of Iraq, he has turned the camera on his battle buddies to create an intimate portrait of a day they shared together during the First Battle of Fallujah.
Anderson, a former radio operator with 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, funded his project’s $30,000 budget through the entrepreneurial startup website, Kickstarter. The premise: Let 12 Marines from his unit recount the same gritty and tragic day of fighting on Nov. 22, 2004, complemented by original footage from troops’ personal hand-held cameras. From there, Anderson’s lens follows his former colleagues as they cope with their own memories almost a decade later.
First called ‘And Then They Came Home,’ the project was renamed ‘The November War’ to more accurately fit the narrative as it took shape, Anderson said. The 27-year-old Portland, Ore., resident said he and his co-producer, Antonio de la Torre, are about two weeks from completion of the project, their first feature-length documentary.
Anderson’s unit, well-trained but inexperienced in the realities of battle, was on a routine deployment with an embarked marine expeditionary unit when it was suddenly rerouted to Kuwait for the invasion of Fallujah….”

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