Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hubris! James Clapper's Black-Tie Dinner Joke: Late due to reading people’s emails.

“Foot-in-mouth-prone Director of National Intelligence James Clapper spoke at a black-tie dinner honoring former CIA and National Security Agency chief Michael Hayden on Friday night and - just days after admitting that he'd provided false testimony to Congress in regards to the Prism program - started cracking jokes about reading people's emails.
'Some of you expressed surprise that I showed up,' Clapper quipped, according to the blog Government Executive.  'So many e-mails to read!”
But Clapper's comedy show was just getting started - shortly after the line about reading people's emails, he tackled another controversial topic-du-jour….”
As usual, while Americans suffer and cutback, the Marxist elites roll on wasting taxpayer dollars as if the fountain will flow forever; and in doing so, they mock us.

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