Tuesday, June 11, 2013

IRS to Pro-Life Group: ‘Keep Your Faith to Yourself’ (audio)

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“Alliance Defending Freedom, a pro-life legal group, released audio on Monday of a conversation between Ania Joseph, president of Pro-Life Revolution, and Sherry Wan, an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent.
The Texas-based pro-life group offers counseling to mothers who are considering abortion. The group also seeks to educate scared soon-to-be mothers on the possible long-term physical and psychological ramifications of abortion.
Wan lectured Joseph on the group’s mission and told the pro-life leader that she needs to ‘know [her] boundaries.’
‘You cannot force your religion or force your beliefs on somebody else,’ Wan told Joseph in a nearly 10-minute phone conversation.
‘I just have a question, Sherry,’ Joseph interjected. ‘Is handing a brochure to somebody forcing somebody to do something they don’t want to do?’
Wan explained her position.
‘You convince them. But when you take a lot of action, [unintelligible] other people. For example, when you, you know, go to, you know, the abortion clinic, and you found  them  [unintelligible], we don’t want, you know, to come against them,’ the agent said….”
With each new day, more Americans who were targeted and liberties infringed upon by the Internal Revenue Service are come forward which is one of the primary the reasons that Elijah Cummings wants to stop this investigation in its tracks. 
The other is to keep this investigation from exposing the truth, the players and Barack Obama. 
How fortunate for the American people that Progressives are not the Congressional majority.

News release: adfmedia.org/News/PRDetail/8247
Full audio: adfmedia.org/files/ProLifeRevolutionIRScall.wav
Full transcript: adfmedia.org/files/ProLifeRevolutionCallTranscriptIRS.pdf
Audio clips with words graphically displayed on screen: vimeo.com/67822932

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