Monday, June 24, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks in Support of Border Security

This legislation is the stimulus and OBAMACARE times ten.  The traitors aka establishment of Communist elites must be stopped.
If you have not yet contacted your senatorial representative, please do so BEFORE they vote at 5:30 pm today.

See my post, TED CRUZ Launches National Petition Drive to Kill Immigration Bill. Please share.

If this legislation which is nothing more than another power grab and fraud being perpetrated against Americans is passed in the Senate, there is no going back.

Once in the House, Progressive Republican, John Boehner, will put it up for a vote in an effort to shove this legislation through and down the throats of Americans against the will of the people and the interest of the nation.

Again, if you have not already done so, please sign Ted Cruz’ petition and pass it on in addition to contacting those who represent you both in the Senate and Congress.
If you do not have the contact information of your elected officials, please visit Lady Raven – Whiskey in a Jar who has put together an impressive compilation for your ready reference.

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