Saturday, July 27, 2013

15 Y.O. Kidnapped by Two Calif. Pot Farmers, Sexually Abused, Forced to Harvest Pot and Live in 4 Ft Metal Box

Ryan Balletto Patrick Pearmain arrested in May after kidnapping 15 yo forcing her to harvest marijuana Daily Mail

As reported by the DAILY MAIL, two pot farmers under investigation by ICE in April kidnapped a 15 year old female, suspected of being a runaway, kept her as their sex slave, forced her to farm marijuana while forcing the girl to live in a 4 x 2 metal box for three days at a time. The duration of the minor’s enslavement was approximately one month. Ryan Balletto, age 30, owner of the property on which the marijuana was being harvested and the minor held and accomplice Patrick Pearmain, age 25 were arrested in May, they have yet to charged with the kidnapping, raped and torture of a minor. 

“...According to a criminal complaint, when the girl wasn't being used to harvest marijuana she was locked for days at a time in a 4-foot by 2-foot metal toolbox….
…The toolbox had holes punched in it so she could breathe, and a blanket. Another hole was drilled into the box so they could a run a hose through it to clean out human waste without letting her out. It was spray-painted with 'an animal skull surrounding the shadow image of a human skull with the logo ‘bone collector.’ After her rescue the girl recalled two occasions where she was in the box for three days. Apparently Balletto called her a 'trooper' for not screaming in the box….”

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Charges to date relate to the harvesting of marijuana, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 1,000 plus marijuana plants, use of a minor in drug operations and possession of a firearm for the purpose of drug trafficking (see complaint below). 

Note: While the majority of my posts are about righting the wrongs of a tyrannical government, our having drifted so far away from God, up to its neck in moral decay has become so totally unhinged that I cannot turn a blind eye to the horrific acts committed by Americans and non-Americans against each other on American soil.  

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