Friday, July 12, 2013

ACTION ALERT: Tell the NAACP to stop silencing Black Conservatives.

“The NAACP wants to silence conservatives who believe the government should be limited to defending your liberty.
This is an outrage. Americans of all color should strive to achieve success without dependency on Big Government. The message of opportunity, hard work, and economic freedom should be a part of the NAACP. Prohibiting conservative speakers like Deneen Borelli and Reverend C.L. Bryant sends the wrong message.

We need to stand with Black Conservatives.

Sign the petition now and demand the NAACP stop silencing black conservatives.”

Patriots, our immediate support is required.  As mentioned above, Deneen Borelli, defender of liberty is pushing to have her voice heard at the NAACP’s 104th Annual Convention “We Shall Not Be Moved” this weekend.

Please go to Freedom Works, Empowerment not Entitlement, here and sign the petition telling the NAACP to stop silencing Black Conservatives.

Last weekend, Deneen Borelli patriots wowed attendees of the Freedom Works, Free the People event.  See videos below.

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