Tuesday, July 30, 2013

After Shuttering 50 Schools, Emanuel Ramps up Safe Passage Program along Transition School Routes

Chicago Safe Passage Collage

To ease the minds of concerned parents of children forced to transition to schools out of their neighborhoods after schools closer to home were closed last June, Chicago’s Department of Transportation is installing “safe passage” signs and new crosswalks along the school routes of thirty (30) schools engaged in the transition.

Last June, fifty (50) of Chicago’s public schools were shuttered by Rahm Emanuel. The children who attended the shuttered schools were transferred to schools, most of which are located further away from home. Many will have now to walk through neighborhoods that on any given day run red with the blood of rival gangs and their victims in order to get to school.

 Chicago Safe Passage Program screenshotChicago Safe Passage Program screenshot 002

Enter Chicago Public School’s “Safe Passage Program” and although it has not been mentioned, the Walking School Bus program (which are nearly the same) as endorsed a few weeks back by who else? Michelle Obama.

Chicago has hired 245 people for the summer that assisted in the transition by acting as guides along the school routes this summer in addition to assisting in the removal of abandoned cars, graffiti along school routes.

Approximately 600 additional Chicagoans will be hired to work during the school year as safe passage workers.

Their responsibility of the safe passage workers besides establishing the trust of the child is the detection of gang activity, sexual predators, etc. in an “if you see something, report it” kind of way.

Safe passage workers will also be tasked with providing school children “safe passage” through gang territory to and from school.

…To ease these concerns, the City Council approved stiffer fines for possessing weapons along those routes, and last week Emanuel and Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd) joined in sponsoring an ordinance amendment that would do the same for possessing weapons in or near CTA vehicles, buildings and bus and train stops.
‘We recently strengthened the law to create school safety zones and increase protections for students who walk to school, and we are now proposing to strengthen the law to protect riders of buses and trains, especially the many students who rely on the CTA as a key mode of transportation,’ Emanuel said. ‘We are sending the message that we will not tolerate any violence around our students,’ Dowell added. ‘Regardless of how they get to school or other activities, students should feel safe....’

In addition to being charged with locating and inspecting abandoned buildings this summer along the school routes, Chicago firefighters were ordered to participate in Chicago Public School’s “Safe Passage Program” at least for the first three weeks of the new school year.

As if Chicago’s gangs and most violent thugs actually give a damn about any of the steps being put into place above, in particular, more allegedly stringent gun laws, fines and jail time which by the way has not to date deterred gun violence, Black on Black crime before nor will it do so now.

…Never let your feelings get you down
Open up your eyes and look around
It's just an illusion[1]

The steps taken by Chicago and schools across America is nothing more than lipstick on a pig intended to present parents and children with a false sense of security as Progressives continue to unfurl their social engineering agenda.

Has someone (anyone) taken a minute out of this experiment to teach children forced to walk through violent neighborhoods in order to get to school across the United States because Michelle Obama has ordained them obese to drop to the ground at the first sound of gunshots?

Let’s see who drops to the ground and/or runs the quickest, the guides, the firefighters or the children.

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