Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dana Loesch Blasts Zimmerman Protesters Dismissive of Victims in the Utopian Dream of Chicago

“‘Conservative radio host Dana Loesch delivered a fiery monologue while guest hosting the Glenn Beck Program Tuesday, decrying those who are protesting on behalf of Trayvon Martin for not demonstrating the same outrage at the unbelievable violence gripping Chicago.
‘Youth are the biggest target in Chicago. Black youth,’ she pointed out.  ‘In 2012, Chicago had 100 more murders than New York City, 215 more than Los Angeles, and according to the Chicago Reporter and other statistics, from 2008 to 2012 half of Chicago’s nearly 2,500 homicide victims were killed before they reached their 25th birthdays.’
‘So where are the riots?  Where are the protests?’ Loesch asked.  ‘I mean yes, apparently they are just killing black teenagers out there – but who is ‘they’?  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, anywhere from 8,000 to 9,000 black Americans are killed every year…93% of these murders are committed by other black Americans......’”

Occupy Wall Street, CPUSA, socialists aka Obama civilian army committing unspeakable acts in the name of Trayvon Martin.  Talk about a strange and tragic way of honoring the dead.
Even worse is the overwhelming silence of Obama’s overseers including that of Obama himself which in effect condone the acts of these animals aka Obama’s civilian service.

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