Monday, July 1, 2013

EGYPT Protests: SHTF, “ORGANIZED” Mass Rapes, Muslim Brotherhood HQ under Attack (UPDATE 07/01/2013 - 2:15 pm)

As reported by Egypt Independent, the mass sexual assaults were “organized” assaults intended to deter women from participating in the protests.
“The Free Egyptians Party said it has observed a campaign of ‘organized sexual harassment’ inside Tahrir Square since the outbreak of 30 June protests against President Mohamed Morsy.
Cases of sexual violence there, and in other demonstrations across Egypt, represented ‘failed attempts to keep a regime that has lost its legitimacy,’ the party said.
In a Monday statement, the party warned against attempts to ‘terrify’ females, smear the revolution and intimidate protesters. It stressed that women played a vital role in peaceful demonstrations.
Egyptians would not accept these efforts to tarnish the country's revolution, the statement said, adding that they knew that those carrying out sexual assaults on women aimed at keeping them away from Tahrir Square….”


As reported earlier by Egypt Independent, organizers of Sunday’s protests in Tahrir Square allocated space for female protests in order to protect them sexual assaults/harassment. 
Based on a report earlier this month by the United Nations, 99% of the women in Egypt have been subject to sexual harassment or assault.
Unfortunately cordoning off space for female protesters have resulted in unintended consequences for anyone located in the space allegedly allocated for their safety because judging from tonight’s incoming reports, Tahrir Square is a dangerous place for many who dared to enter, especially females. 
Twitchy reported just earlier tonight that attendees of tonight’s protest at Tahrir Square were reporting via Twitter mass rape of females committed by Islam, the religion of peace, thugs protesters (gangs) in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. As for police presence, there was none.

The madness continues in the soon to be daylight Tahrir Square as the reports of gang rapes continued.

Barack Obama is going to need a new puppet. The Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Egypt came under attack earlier by protesters. 
“There was a large explosion at the headquarters of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party in Egypt's capital Cairo as protesters gathered around the building.
Demonstrators directed fireworks and lasers at the windows and several small fires could be seen inside….”

As reported before the SHTF:
“As I noted on Friday, the final sentence in an AP report earlier that day (saved here at host for future reference, fair use and discussion purposes) on protests in Egypt read: "One banner depicted President Barack Obama and said, 'Obama supports terrorism.'"
I predicted with little risk of being wrong that the existence of this banner would not "survive future AP reports" -- and it hasn't, even though this and similar banners were still present in Tahrir Square on Saturday. A search at the AP's national site on "Obama supports terrorism" (not in quotes) returns nothing. Other establishment press coverage has also failed to reveal the continued presence of anti-American and anti-President Obama sentiments….”
No doubt, Barack “I will always stand with the Muslim” Obama will ignore calls from the American people demanding that the federal government any further checks to Egypt cease immediately.

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