Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grammy Winner, Alicia Keys, Sings Her Heart out for Israel.

Alicia Keys in Tel Aviv Performing "No One" with Son, Egypt on Stage
Alicia Keys in Tel Aviv Performing "No One" with Son, Egypt on Stage              

Under threats and immense pressure to cancel, from Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), an anti-Israel, Palestinian related entity, with 14 Grammies under her belt, Alicia Keys, stood her ground. 
The always classy and extremely talented artist played for heart out a few nights ago for the people of Israel. H/t MFS - via The Other News.

Alicia Keys in Tel Aviv: This girl is on fire

“The R&B singer-songwriter and pianist was plagued with petitions to stay away from Israel, including one from Nobel laureate Alice Walker, who seems to make it her personal mission to propagate the lie that Israel is an apartheid state. Keys gracefully rejected calls to boycott over a month ago, telling The New York Times: ‘I look forward to my first visit to Israel. Music is a universal language that is meant to unify audiences in peace and love, and that is the spirit of our show…..’”

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Alicia Keys Performed July 4th in Tel Aviv with Surprise Guest, Idan Raichel.
Alicia KeysPerformed July 4th in Tel Aviv with Surprise Guest, Idan Raichel.          

“Featuring two very special guest stars and a finale worthy of its July 4 timing, Alicia Keys rocked the Nokia Stadium in Tel Aviv on Thursday night with a show bursting with energy, class, and her trademark soul….
…Light on choreography but heavy on charisma, the show, part of her ‘Set the World on Fire’ tour, included beloved hits like ‘Fallin’’ and ‘Unbreakable,’ as well as lesser-known, newer fare like ‘Brand New Me’ and ‘Tears Always Win.’
Concertgoers had been told a special guest would be joining Keys on stage, and roared with delight when Idan Raichel, the wildly popular Israeli world-music maven, joined her on stage for a one-song mash-up of her ‘Fallin’ with his chart-busting hitMi’ma’amakim….’
… Keys refused to be bowed…responding to the boycott calls by declaring her excitement over her upcoming trip and her conviction that music should unify audiences, not separate them….”
Disclosure:  I love this woman’s music. This girl is indeed on fire and while certain assholes on the left may attempt to declare war on Keys, they will fail.  Of course, they will attempt to make this woman’s life a living hell but in the end, they will fail.
Keys has a dedicated fan base that would tell race baiters like Alice Walker, haters and the pro-Islamic BDS to stick it where the sun does not shine.  The core of Keys’ fan base is written in stone….PERIOD.
Finally, on this day, I am proud that there is at least one artist in America that does not cower to collectivism and race baiters. 

God bless Alicia Keys and God bless Israel.

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