Saturday, July 13, 2013

Janet Napolitano’s move to University of California draws protests

While millions of Americans are at the same time elated and apprehensive over the departure of Janet Napolitano from Homeland Security, the very thought of Napolitano running the University of California has drawn the ire of Americans on the west coast.
“…some who live on the West Coast say they’d just as soon not see her out there, after it was revealed Friday that she’s poised to take over as head of the University of California school system….
…‘University of California students can look forward to the same authoritarian management style Secretary Napolitano brought to the Department of Homeland Security, hardly a bastion of free speech and open government,’ said Rep. Doug LaMalfa, a California Republican. ‘While I am pleased to see her leave Homeland Security, Napolitano’s views are entirely incompatible with the UC system’s history of civil liberties and the decision to appoint her is perplexing….’”
Like many others, I anticipated that the Progressive Communist state of California would have welcomed their comrade with open arms.
I wonder what it could be about Napolitano that distresses her fellow Commies.

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