Thursday, July 4, 2013

JayZ New Album, One Massive Data Mining Op

Rapper, Jay-Z made an offer to his fans a few weeks back, i.e., the first one million people to download the new Samsung app by July 4th and agree to its terms of service, which were intrusive and nothing more than data mining, would receive a free copy of his new album “Magna Carta”. 
“Jay-Z and Samsung's ‘Magna Carta’ app may have been downloaded by more than half a million people since it launched on June 24, but rapper Killer Mike, a.k.a. Michael Render, isn't one of them.
Why not? Render on Tuesday Tweeted a photo of his screen as he tried to download the app, which promises to give the first 1 million downloaders of the app a free copy of Jay-Z's ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ on July 4th, three days ahead of the album's release. Render's screen shows that the app, developed by Samsung as a joint promotion, wanted Render's permission to ‘modify or delete contents of your USB storage,’ ‘prevent phone from sleeping’ in order to retrieve running apps, access ‘approximate network location’ as well as ‘precise GPS location,’ full network communication access and ‘read phone status and identity,’ among other things. To this, Render tweeted, ‘Naw I'm cool…’”
Jay Z new album Samsung App instrusive and big on data mining
Reeling opportunists who are always looking for a free ride in is something Jay-Z has in common with his bff in the Oval Office.  As long as people are greedy for free stuff, they’ll gladly open the door allowing big brother accessing to their most private moments and the skeletons hidden in their closets.
In the meantime, they are the same people who would tell their boss, friend or family member to mind their own business while at the same time missing the irony of their choices.

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