Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obama Admin to Eliminate Danger Pay for 56K Service Members Overseas/

The Blaze is reporting this morning that the Pentagon is looking into eliminating danger pay for military men and women serving overseas in countries that Barack Obama has deemed no longer a terrorist threat.
 After all, the war on terrorism is over, Obama got Osama bin Laden and ­the Fort Hood massacre was not a terrorist attack but workplace violence.
DoD officials and military leaders are expected to compose a plan by the week’s end in an effort to save $120 million, the sum of which would poke a huge hole in the pockets of the men and women who serve our country, i.e., allegedly up to $225 per month.
The pay cuts would affect those serving in over 18 countries and five waterways.  Several of the countries on the list are Islamic nations in the Middle East, such as Jordan, Liberia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  The cuts would also affect with those who travel back and forth through the Persian Gulf.
U. S. Naval vessel deployed in the Persian Gulf
U. S. troops deployed to Jordan
Just this past April, Obama’s Defense czar, Chuck Hagel deployed units to Jordan to help Jordanian forces secure their border against Syria.
“…The contingent will enhance efforts of a small U.S. military team that has been working in Jordan since last year on planning related to chemical weapons and preventing a spillover of violence across Jordan’s borders, the secretary told the Senate panel.
‘These personnel will continue to work alongside Jordanian Armed Forces to improve readiness and prepare for a number of scenarios,. he said….”
Taking into consideration the violence and chaos going on now in the Middle East the justification by the Obama administration to deprive our men and women in harm’s way danger pay which they so richly deserve does not hold water.
While the Obama administration might pretend that this is much to do about nothing, this would be the second cut to the paychecks of our U. S. military in six months.
Supposedly the cuts will not affect those men and women in combat.  However, in light of the reclassification of the Fort Hood massacre from a terrorist attack to workplace violence by the Obama administration, expect Obama in his disdain for the U. S. military, one should not be surprised when the definition of combat meets the same fate.
Obama’s condescension of our U.S. military is yet again on display as he moves around another piece on the chessboard solely intended to demoralize the U.S. military; namely, those men and women in harm’s way, many of whom will make the ultimate sacrifice and their families.
In the meantime, the emperor doles out millions billions to his cronies who know nothing of fighting for freedom, love of country or making the ultimate sacrifice.

See article, AP: Obama Administration May Eliminate Danger Pay for 56K Service Members Overseas

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