Sunday, July 7, 2013

Referee Stoned to Death, Decapitated by Pissed off Brazilian Soccer Fans….For Starters

20-year-old Otávio Jordão da Silva, Brazilian soccer referee stoned, lynched,
quartered, decapitated and head hung on a stick after he stabbed andkilled a player by pissed off fans.

Just when you thought soccer games could get no worse, a week ago, 20-year-old Otávio Jordão da Silva, a Brazilian soccer referee was stoned, quartered and decapitated after he stabbed and killed a player by pissed off family members and friends of the man Silva murdered.  H/t The Blaze.
“Last Sunday, an amateur soccer match in Brazil came to an unbelievably gruesome end when a referee was murdered by outraged fans. His head was then cut off and placed on a spike. The beheading was retaliation; the ref initially stabbed a player to death.
It happened in the Maranhão region of northeastern Brazil. Thirty-year-old Josenir dos Santos Abreu approached the referee, 20-year-old Otávio Jordão da Silva (pictured above) during a match to argue a call. Abreu reportedly threw a punch at da Silva, who then took out a knife he was carrying with him during the match, and stabbed the player. Abreu died of his wounds en route to the hospital.
Meanwhile, the player's friends and family invaded the pitch and attacked da Silva. They reportedly tied up the referee, beat him, stoned him, lynched him, and then quartered him. When they finished, they cut off his head and placed it on a stake in the center of the field.
So far, just one man, 27-year-old Luis Moraes Souza, has been arrested for the crime….”

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