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Trayvon Martin's Stepmother Says Race Was NOT a Factor In His Death - The Jesse Peterson Show 07102013

Alicia Stanley Trayvon Martins Stepmother

Published on Jul 10, 2013 by Bond Action, Inc.
Trayvon Martin's stepmother, Alicia Stanley, breaks her silence on CNN and says that she does NOT believe race was a factor in the death of her step son's death whom she raised.
Just keeping it real.
Below is Anderson's Cooper's Interview of Alicia Stanley, Trayvon Martin's stepmother.

Cooper asks Stanley at 05:26 of the video whether or not she believes that race was a factor in Zimmerman zeroing in on her stepson.
Another thing, not to knock Sybrina Fulton, Martin's maternal mother but if Trayvon's father and his wife, Alicia Stanley, raised Trayvon 90% of his life, why has the world been given the impression that Sybrina Fulton was the primary caregiver of her son?  Do they think that leaving the stepmother out of the picture presents a cleaner image of the non-facts?
Those demanding that Zimmerman be jailed or if acquitted, murdered insist that all they want is the truth to come out and justice for Trayvon.  Once propagandists, opportunists and race-baiters get involved, like leeches, they attach themselves to their host.  Said leeches will rip a family to shreds in pursuit of realizing their own person agenda.  Moreover, the truth is far too often blurred and the call for justice, a precursor to civil lawsuits, i.e., money, money, money, money. 
The mindset of leeches is that the Martins cannot bring Trayvon back but they can bleed George Zimmerman dry and while that might not be in the mind of Trayvon’s parents, the leeches will make every effort to browbeat it into their heads.   Like Jess Petersen said in the above video, I know Black people.
I am simply saying of all the parties and leeches, do not re-write history (as Progressives do).
It is no secret that behind the pain and outrage lies feigned pain and outrage of the leeches, i.e., race baiters, propagandists counting on a guilty verdict that as I said has nothing to do with justice for Trayvon Martin, i.e., the penalty for aligning oneself and selling one’s soul to said lot.
The leeches putting all of the chess pieces on the board parade the family of Trayvon Martin before the media, espousing hate, riling up useful idiots in the event that Zimmerman is found guilty. 
The end game is to bleed George Zimmerman to the bone even if it means destroying his family.
Not negating the suffering of Martin’s family, George Zimmerman and his family, I believe have suffered equally so.
Enough is enough.
Again, just keeping it real.

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