Friday, July 5, 2013

University of Wisconsin Students Demolish NSA Recruiters


Earlier this week, the National Security Agency held a recruitment drive at the University of Wisconsin where in light of the revelations that surfaced a few weeks ago reference the NSA spying on the whole planet and the Obama administration’s smear job of Edward Snowden, it was rough seas for the NSA recruiters. 

Present at the recruiting session was an uncorrupted journalist by the name of Madiha R. Tahir.  In addition to live tweeting about the audacity of the NSA, Tahir, who is taking a language course at the university dared to queries the NSA recruiters about the agency itself in a fashion that the mainstream media will not, after which she posted the audio and transcript on her blog, The Mob and the Multitude.
Teachers and students of the University of Wisconsin attended the recruiting session along with a high school teacher who brought five of her students. 
As can be heard on the audio below, Tahir who is not the only one giving the NSA recruiters hell goes so far as to ask the recruiters if lying was part of the job.

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Rough Transcript
Me: You said earlier that the two tasks that you do: one is tracking down the communications of your adversaries and the other is protecting the communications of officials. So, do you consider Germany and the countries the US has been spying on to be adversaries or are you, right now, not speaking the truth?
Me: I mean do you consider European countries, etc, adversaries or are you, right now, not telling us the truth and lying when you say that actually you simply track – you keep focusing on that, but clearly the NSA is doing a lot more than that, as we know, so I’m just asking for a clarification.
NSA_F: I’m focusing on what our foreign intelligence requires of [garbled] so, I mean you know, You can define adversary as enemy and clearly, Germany is not our enemy but would we have foreign
national interest from an intelligence perspective on what’s going on across the globe. Yeah, we do. That’s our requirements that come to us as an intelligence community organization from the policymakers, from the military, from whoever –our global so–“

A job well done.  The mainstream media should take a page from Tahir’s book and those who took the NSA recruiters to task.  They are true patriots.
I gather, however, from Tahir’s tweets that the NSA did not enjoy being taken down.  While she has never had any problems with her site before Tuesday recruiting session, not long after posting the audio and transcripts of the NSA recruiting session, her site went down.
The NSA is probably not thrilled that the Huffington Post, among others has picked up her post.
Just when I thought that young America was beyond our reach, the students at University of Wisconsin prove me wrong.  The American fighting spirit lives on and is as strong as ever.

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