Friday, July 19, 2013

Video Highlights: Hearing IRS’ Systematic Delay and Scrutiny of Tea Party Applications – 07182013

If you happened to be one of millions who watched yesterday’s hearing, i.e., panel 1 and 2, you are aware that Progressives put on one heck of a dog and pony show as they attacked witnesses and really laid it on IG, Russell George.
Upon viewing the first set of videos, it is clear that Progressives are attempting to change the narrative.
Obviously, it was not a good day for George but then it will occur to all who watched or watches the following videos that the past few weeks may have been quite rough for the IG and his co-workers as the Communists elites have declared war on the staff at TIGTA.
George who was under assault long before he arrived to the hearing, to his credit, stood firm.

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